Nearly Insane Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Ready for another amazing project? Today we brought a Christmas model. We know it’s still a while, but there’s no way not to get infected with the atmosphere that already takes over the stores, the streets and the people. It’s a very significant date, so it gets all this commotion. And for starters, come learn the Nearly Insane Quilt with us.

This quilt is not necessarily Christmas, but the fabrics and prints that were chosen in this pattern make it more thematic. And that’s what’s cool about quilts. When we make the same pattern with a different color palette, it looks like a totally different piece. The quilts are already part of our daily lives, leaving our bed well made or complementing the decor of the room. It’s that essential piece to snuggle up, rest and make the environment even more inviting. 

If you like having pillows to complement the decor, take advantage of the colors of the quilt to match and make everything more harmonious. Most quilts are made in blocks, just like this one. This type of project is already divided into stages. So if you don’t have time to finish everything in one day, dedicate yourself to a few blocks and then put them together. 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Fabadashery

In order not to get lost or confused in the process, see the pattern of a block, see how many of them you will need, cut out the scraps and assemble it. Then move on to the next. So you don’t mix the pieces, don’t make a mess, it’s a project in stages. To make the markings, choose the wrong side of the fabric. If any markings don’t come out, they won’t show up in the final quilt. When cutting the scraps, if you don’t already have a rotary cutter, consider investing in this tool. 

It is much more practical than scissors, it saves you time, they are not so expensive and it is worth the investment. See the rest of the list of materials needed at Fabadashery. Read the step by step a first time, separate the materials and then start quilting. Our team loved the Nearly Insane Quilt and we want to know what you think too. Tell us everything here in the comments. For now, let’s quilt!

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