Loyal Heights Quilt – Free Pattern

You know that quilt that matches almost everything and is totally charming? Loyal Heights brings all that charm and charm to your home. Quilts no longer have this tradition of being used only in bedrooms. They look great in decorating other rooms. In the living room, on top of the sofa or on the back of an armchair, in the decoration of the office.

The choice of colors goes according to the taste of each one and also the decoration of the environment. See the decor and which colors are already present in the room to make it easier when choosing prints. At first we were a little unsure about the combinations, but with time and practice you will want to take the risk and use more colors and prints.

Everything we observe in our daily lives can serve as inspiration when it comes to combining colors. Explore and don’t be afraid to take risks, you will see how liberating it will be. In this pattern, one of the colors should be lighter or smoother to highlight the rest of the formed design. The size of the quilt will depend on what you will need and, thinking about it, the pattern brings you more than one option.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Quilting in the Rain

The choice of fabrics is optional, but always keep in mind that the fabric must be of good quality to have a beautiful quilt that lasts longer. The Loyal Heights quilt pattern is available from Quilting in the Rain. All measurements, fabric suggestions, step by step and assembly instructions are described in an easy to understand way.

We hope you like it and get excited just like we did. Take the opportunity to sew a little every day, practice brings a visible evolution in your pieces. If you want to leave your suggestion and opinion here in the comments, we would love to be able to read them. Now, it’s time to quilt!

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