Girl Power Pillow – Quilting Pattern

When I saw the Girl Power Pillow Pattern, I knew I had to bring it to you. This pillow is the cutest thing ever. Delicate, charming and charming. Pillows are great allies to change the decor and bring more comfort to the environment. In different sizes, colors, prints and formats, pillows can give the final touch that was missing in the decoration. Knowing how to choose the colors and prints for the decorative pillows makes all the difference.

A tip is to pay attention to the colors of furniture and other decorative objects and especially the color of the sofa. With different prints and formats, they guarantee personality to a room and can be the missing touch for the space to gain even more life and charm. Pillows can be made in the most diverse types of fabrics such as leather, cotton, linen, velvet, among many others. This makes a big difference in the decor as a whole.

But choose materials that are comfortable, after all the pillow is not just for decoration, we always snuggle in them too. This pattern looks beautiful in the decoration of the children’s room. To match the decor of the room, match the colors of the pillow with the coloring of the walls. Choose the little ones’ favorite colors too, it’s going to be a hit.

Girl Power Pillow

Girl Power Pillow Materials:

This pillow has a different size than the traditional one. At the end it measures 12×24″. The cushion is formed by three equal blocks, three dolls. If you want to make a smaller cushion, just make one doll and assemble the cushion. The pattern is beautiful, whether with the three dolls or no. Here are the materials needed to make the pillow with the colors that were used in the pattern:

  • 3—5″ squares solid brown and peach (pillow front);
  • 3—10″ squares assorted florals (pillow front);
  • 1/2 yard solid white (pillow front, pillow back);
  • 1/4 yard house print (pillow front);
  • 12×24″ pillow form.
Pillow Diagram

The complete pattern is available in All People Quilt, along with all diagrams that follow the step-by-step guide for easy assembly to the piece. Pillows can be a great gift option. It is also a great product for sale. With dedication and whim, I’m sure your pillow will be a knockout. It’s quilting time!

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