Rag Quilt – A Beautiful Pattern available FREE

Sewing Rag Quilt is fast and fun and the effect is cheerful and beautiful. That’s the pattern we’ve brought you today. They are perfect for winter blankets. In fact, they were basically created with the aim of keeping warm in the long winters. About the fabrics, in this pattern you do want to make sure that at least two of your three layers are from fabric that frays easily.

One of the main features of a Rag Quilt is being warm and fluffy. For those hours on the couch, on rainy and cold days. You can also use it as a picnic towel. It is a technique that you can use on various pieces such as pillows, blankets, rugs, bags and even scarves. You know what’s amazing? You can use any thick fabric that can be ripped. Jeans, cotton fabrics, flannels. I just don’t advise with fluid fabrics.

To make a rag quilt you need fabrics that are thick and will fray when washed vigorously. You can enjoy used or new scraps, and even mix them up. Jeans and plaid or patterned fabric is a beautiful combination. In this pattern, the number of prints and colors will depend on your taste. If you want to do it with two options, go for it!

Rag Quilt

Rag Quilt Recommendations

These quilts make great gifts for new babies, weddings, or as gifts for the holidays. Beginner quilters will love this rag quilt pattern because it’s so quick and easy to put together. This rag quilt sews up to be 46″ x 60″.

The materials needed are the basics to all quilts: rotary cutter (optional but recommended); ruler; washable marking pen; sewing pins; sewing machine; walking foot (optional but recommended); scissors.

Quilting time is therapy, in addition to exploring creativity by creating different combinations in each piece, you will be proud of your creation and enjoy your company. Put on a song that cheers you up and start producing. The pattern is available at The Spruce Crafts.

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