Toy Storage – Quilted Basket

Hi, nice to have you here! Today’s pattern is a Toy Storage, a padded basket. Children always have a lot of toys and no matter how hard we try, there are always some scattered around. Whether in the playroom or the children’s room, you will love to put this idea into practice. The quilted basket makes everything more organized, without the risk of stepping on or breaking toys.

You can make multiple baskets if you need to. They are so beautiful that they will be part of the room decor. The chosen fabrics can combine with each other and with the decoration of the environment. Take the opportunity to choose cheerful, colorful prints and designs for the little ones. It’s a great opportunity to encourage them to help when putting away their toys.

Here at home it was like this, each one with their basket, running to organize before the other. It can be a healthy game, everyone will love it. Great gift option too, everyone always needs an extra basket to organize the environments. The final size of the basket is 12″ square. If you want to make a larger basket, it is easy to adapt.

Toy Storage – All People Quilt

Increase the same measurement in all fabric cutouts. Follow the pattern to assemble the basket in the same way. If you prefer, mark the corresponding measurements in the original pattern and assemble the basket. When making the markings on the fabric, be careful to use a marker that does not stain the fabric. To prevent this, I always make the markings on the reverse of the fabric, there is no mistake.

It is common fabrics new, colored and printed, release a little ink in the first wash. So that it doesn’t interfere with your basket, wash the fabrics before using. Once dry, iron to leave it smooth and then proceed with the clippings. Check if you have all the materials, cut out all the necessary pieces and that’s it, time to start sewing.

Toy Basket – Mama Designs

The complete pattern is available at All People Quilt, with all the diagrams, measurements, suggested fabrics and cutouts. Once you make the first one, you will see that you don’t have secret. You will love it! Hope to see you here again soon. Now, let’s quilt.

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