Weave Star – Free Pattern

Hey sweeties! We were so happy to have you here. Knowing that you come to us to learn new pieces makes us very grateful. Today our team separated the Weave Star, an incredible block that you will be able to place and create beautiful pieces. Because it is a block, many people like to put several together and assemble a larger piece. Be it a quilt, a table runner, a table topper.

You can join several blocks or use it in the center of the piece. There are many ideas and we are sure that, with a little creativity, you will have beautiful ideas. If you still don’t have a lot of practice and need to see other patterns to get inspired, here on the site there are many amazing ideas that can help you. To make the weave star, you need the basic materials.

Then, by the diagram you can assemble the star. Take the opportunity to use different colors and prints that match each other. Do you have doubts if it will match? Cut the fabrics and assemble the star before starting to sew. Then you can change the fabrics, the position of the colors, without having to go through the work of sewing and undoing.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Deshilachado

Once done, the star matches the most different environments and decorations. You can use the block to make a cushion cover. Just add the back and a zipper, you’re done. If you have no idea how to do this, we have already brought pillow models and you can find how to do it here on the site. Ready to take advantage of this moment? The weaven star pattern is available at Deshilachado.

It’s a quick pattern to do, so if you need to relax after a busy day, it’s a great opportunity. I don’t know what it’s like for you guys, but most of our team quilts like it’s therapy. It’s time to really relax. Put on a song that inspires you and go for it. Was there any doubt? Tell us here in the comments. Our team is ready to help you. Let’s quilt!

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