My Heart Strip Quilt Pattern

Shall we learn a new pattern? This pattern you can make as a block for decoration or a quilt, it’s My Heart Strip. The result is so beautiful that it doesn’t look so easy. The heart is formed by joining strips of different colors. In the pattern, the heart is colored, made with eleven strips of different colors. The color issue depends a lot on the individual’s taste.

You can make the heart of one color, choose more than one color and alternate the strips, whichever you like the most. The background color of the quilt can change as well. The edge of the piece can be a differential, bring more color and also increase the size of the quilt. One thing we always say, but it’s still good to remember is that when we work with fabrics of different colors in the same piece, it’s very important to know if the fabric will release ink in the wash.

Wash all strips separately so you don’t risk ruining your piece. Once it dries, iron the strips. Assembling the quilt with the fabric step, the straight strips, will make the job a lot easier, you’ll see. Before you start sewing, assemble the quilt as well. That way you will be able to fix any unforeseen without having to undo the seam. You will see that it is much easier this way. To make handmade pieces, we need time to dedicate ourselves and have a beautiful piece.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: AccuQuilt

Take this time and dedicate yourself to having that well-crafted piece. I like to think of it as my therapeutic moment. Sewing makes me feel very relaxed. I hope you feel that feeling too, enjoy it and be extremely proud of your work. Handwork always conveys a lot of affection, so they are a great gift option.

Gift dear friends, people you have a special affection for. They will feel it all when they receive the piece and know that you put time and love into the making. The complete pattern My Heart Strip is available from AccuQuilt for free. There you will find suggestions for fabrics, colors, measurements and especially the step by step.

We would love to know what you think and what it was like to make this beautiful quilt. If you want to leave your opinion and suggestions here in the comment box, we will be very happy to read it and bring it in the next posts. We hope to see you again soon to learn more new things, for now let’s quilt a heart!

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