Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam – Quilt Pattern

Hey loves! Good to see you here again. We always like to remember how gratifying it is to be able to welcome you here and be able to share new ideals. We hope you can feel all the affection that we put in each pattern. Today we are going to share a more delicate quilt with you, the Sunbonnet Sun and Overall Sam. This pattern is full of details that make the piece even more charming.

Each block has a different format, one overall sam more charming than the other. Quilts are very versatile and always bring a little more warmth to the environment. It couldn’t be different with this one, despite being very colorful and full of prints, the prints are very small and delicate. If you have fabric left over from other projects, why not use them now? Enjoy the strips and make new color combinations.

As for the overall sam, make all the markings on the back of the fabric. If any part does not come off in the first wash, the markings will be hidden and will not harm your work. The designer opted for plain colors, to stand out in the midst of so many prints and the combination was too beautiful. As for the measurements, you can add as many blocks as you need. Think about how you intend to use the quilt.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Quilter by Design

If it’s going to be stretched, covering the bed, have the measurements and make the matching joints as per your creativity. These blocks are so awesome you can use them to make other items too. How about complementing the decor with beautiful pillows? Use a block for this, it will be amazing. The pattern by Sunbonnet Sun and Overall Sam sam is available at Quilter by Design.

We also separated a video tutorial to help you in the assembly and sewing of this beautiful pattern. We hope you like it and, with a little creativity, create pieces with your signature. Then come back here to tell us how it was, send pictures. We were very happy to have this interaction and to know that we encouraged it in some way. ready? Let’s quilt!

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