Camera Applique Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey sweeties! Looking for a super cute quilt, full of details and not difficult? This one we separated and were anxious to share because it looks very beautiful in the decoration of the environment. The Camera Applique Quilt is passionate. It’s a perfect quilt for the girls’ room, it makes your princess’s room even more special.

Quilts are those pieces that change the whole environment, add color, joy and warmth to the room, and you can make it in different ways. Many quilts are made from the union of different fabrics, colors and prints. Other quilts are made with appliqués, as is the case with this pattern. Also called patchwork, but fabrics are sewn on top of each other to define the design.

In this type of pattern, a fabric is chosen as the background and we create the image we want with other prints. The important thing is to choose colors that contrast and highlight the pattern you want to make. Smaller cuts can be made with scraps that you already have around, after all it is something that is always left over in our projects. The camera cutouts are a little more difficult due to the curves that the design has.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Sew Can She

The pattern has all the design that you can print, cut and draw on the fabric. Remember to always make the markings on the wrong side of the fabric. As much as paints are washable, it’s always good to prevent and not stain your quilt. As for the size of the quilt, if you need to adapt, increase or decrease it is very simple. Make the background the size you want and add more cameras if needed. Not to mention that this assembly can be done the way you prefer.

Explore your creativity, arrange the cameras with the prints and once you decide how it looks best, start sewing. The complete camera applique quilt pattern is available at Sew Can She. You will see all the informations and instructions there. If you still have any doubts, count on us to help you. Leave your doubt, your opinion here in the comments. We were very happy and grateful with this interaction, know that you can count on us. Now let’s quilt!

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