Double Windmill Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi everybody! What a pleasure to meet you here once again. Every new pattern we share here, we are excited and anxious to know what you guys think. We hope to be able to encourage you and bring you more and more desire to learn. The Double Windmill Quilt is yet another amazing pattern. Full of colors and prints, this quilt came to conquer you.

Still not practiced in quilting? Don’t worry, come with us and we’ll be with you every step of the way. In this quilt we have colors and patterns, but you can see that one color is chosen as the “background”. You can choose different prints, but always look for colors that contrast. This way you highlight the design that you are making. Colors that are very similar together do not gain much prominence.

When we started quilting, we ended up leaving a little extra leftover when sewing. Your piecing accuracy will improve immediately when you take a bit of time to press your quilt blocks as you make them. And setting seams before pressing allowances to one side is an excellent way to instantly improve your patchwork. You might think extra pressing will slow you down, but you’ll find that you actually save time when properly pressed quilt blocks fit together just like they should, without grabbing the dreaded seam ripper.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Quiltfiction

All this you improve with time and with practice, you just need to be patient. Not to mention that the time you take to quilt should be enjoyable. Put on some lively music, a movie you like. If your energy is low, recover, get inspired and then start quilting. As with everything we do in life, we need to get some inspiration.

As for the double windmill quilt, following the pattern will give you a quilt of approximately 48 x 56”. Each assembled block will be 8 ½’’ square. The materials, step by step, measurements and sewing tips are available at Quiltfiction. We hope you like it and let us know how it was to make this quilt here in the comments. First read the pattern, choose and separate the materials and let’s quilt!

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