Fall Cat Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Another day, another pattern. We hope you are already getting used to our rhythm. We like to bring you different options so you never run out of a new craft. There are different techniques, models, patterns and tips that help us to keep evolving. Fall Cat is a very cute, delicate quilt with that cozy feeling. It’s made in a different way that you may have seen around.

This quilt is not made by fitting cutouts to assemble the designs. For this quilt you will make appliqués. You will make a base, choose a color that serves as a background for the scene. For each detail that is part of the quilt, you can choose different colors that contrast with the background and stand out. Since the cutouts are small, use fabric scraps left over from other projects.

It is always useful to be able to reuse fabrics and save a little. You will see how cool it is to assemble these quilts with appliqués. It’s like composing a scene, positioning the characters and then stitching them together. As much as we follow a pattern, it’s always nice to leave our signature. Put colors and prints that you like and use your creativity to make other changes.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

If you don’t have much practice in sewing, these patterns may be more difficult. But don’t lose the will to do it, take a risk and, if you need to, break up and try again. Read the entire pattern first before starting to sew. Make all the cuts, assemble the quilt, see if everything matches the way you want, and then start sewing. The complete fall cat pattern is available at All People Quilt.

There you will find the list of materials with color suggestions, measurements, step by step and diagrams. If you have any doubts, let us know. Ask here in the comments that we are always on the lookout to help you. We hope that you too have fallen in love with this friendly cat and are eager to get started. In addition to being beautiful, it is a great gift option for dear people. Shall we quilt?

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