Quilt Block Drawstring Bag – Free Pattern

We always need another bag to organize things, and with that in mind, we brought the Quilt Block Drawstring Bag. This pattern is beautiful and full of charm. In addition to being useful, it is very versatile. You can make it in various sizes to organize whatever you need around the house. In smaller sizes, it can even be used inside the bag.

With these organizers you can take things in and out of your bag much easier. Make it themed, according to the environment. To store children’s toys, choose colors that match the decor of the room. Use the prints they like. To store bathroom items, opt for more common colors, such as light blue, gray. These colors look beautiful in various environments.

We always have a lot to store in the office, quilted block drawstring bags are great for that. In addition to being closed, ensuring that the materials do not get dusty, they are very beautiful and can be seen, decorating the environment. Another great option is to make these bags to gift friends. We always need to save, organize some things, they will definitely use it.

Quilt Block Drawstring Bag

Images / Pattern / Tutorial: In Color Order

In the pattern, the finished size is approximately 10″ tall, 7″ wide, 3″ deep. If you want to make variations in the size of the piece, I recommend making the first one following the pattern. In the second bag, you make the adaptations, because that way you will have a better idea of ​​the assembly of the piece. It is much easier to change the sizes of the patches.

Another way is to mark each measurement with the corresponding one in the pattern, assemble the piece, check if everything fits correctly, and finally sew it. You can find the list of materials in In Color Order, along with step-by-step instructions, measurements, fabric suggestions and photos.

We always read all the comments and we are very happy when you like the patterns. If you want to leave suggestions for that pattern you’re looking for, we’d be happy to bring it to you in the next post. See you soon on new quilt patterns. Let’s quilt!

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