Quilted Play Mat – Free Pattern

Hi loves! Another day, another quilt. I think we can get used to it by now, right? Each quilt we share has a detail, some valuable tip that can help you in other projects. Stay with us until the end and discover today’s news. The Quilted Play Mat is that quilt that was not made to cover up, but to play with. It is a place where children can play, exercise their imagination and still be comfortable. 

And best of all, you can do it with materials you have at home. If you need to buy something, the materials are cheap and you will spend much less than buying a play mat at the store. The infinity of details you can add to this pattern is incredible. You can decorate the city however you like. Ask the little ones for help, they will love to be part of this moment. 

To play on the play mat they can use toy cars or pieces that we can make with fabric as well. It’s that gift that any child would like to win and you can take advantage of it and give it to your nephews, godchildren. If you are thinking about starting to sell, you can assemble kits with the play mat and some carts. It will be incredible and we are sure it will be a success.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Suzy Quilts

The pattern that we brought shows the finalization of the piece. We already brought the beginning of the quilt here on the site, but anything just access play mat part 1 here. Let’s talk about the materials, which are already familiar to us from all quilts. But on this play mat, as the goal is to have a soft and comfortable surface for the little ones, you can take advantage of it and make layers with thicker fabrics and the backing with a more resistant surface. 

So you can take it to other environments, grass, sand, sidewalk, and still have a whole play mat on the way home. The complete pattern has many valuable tips and is available from Suzy Quilts. Even if you weren’t excited, we advise you to look at the pattern anyway. By reading all the instructions, we always learn something valuable and you can use for other quilts. Come tell us what you think here in the comments.

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