Totally Tulips Quilt – Free Pattern

Let’s make flowers, the Tulips Quilt. This quilt is wonderful and super versatile. Tupila is a very beautiful flower, which brings life and joy to the environment. In this pattern, you will learn how to make the flower separately. You will repeat the same pattern several times. They are sewn together and the quilt is formed. You can use the tulip pattern on other pieces as well.

You can make a tablerunner, a plate mat. The diversification of colors is fully free in this piece. Colorful flowers with different prints make all the difference. If you prefer to stick to a color pattern, it’s also a great option. You can use this pattern, which is a classic, in children’s rooms. Enjoy and make a color that matches the decor of the room, it will be delicate and elegant.

We always have important tips for cutting fabrics more efficiently. Instead of cutting individual bias triangles, cut triangles out of squares. This is much more accurate and efficient. You can get eight half-square triangles from a single square! Pinning is time consuming and sometimes unreliable. By using water-soluble glue, you can line up your pieces precisely and quickly. When finished, just wash your quilt and the glue will be gone!

Totally Tulips Quilt

You can use pressing sheets to iron fabrics together, which will also wash out afterwards. There is some debate on what tools are best for marking fabric. You can use fine line markers and not get worried about quilt markers not washing out. It is a great option. Especially if you want to do more detailed, finer designs. And always make the markings on the back of the fabric.

Following the pattern, your quilt will eventually measure 89″x90″, a large quilt. Quilting can be tough, but no matter how many seams you need to rip just remember – nobody’s perfect. Let’s do it? I hope you enjoyed as we did and have fun sewing. It’s time to quilt!

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