Quilted Oven Mitt – Free Pattern

Hi guys! Here we are, together again to learn another beautiful pattern to make your kitchen more beautiful and decorated, the Quilted Oven Mitt. This piece is perfect to make your day to day much more charming and interesting. In addition to being beautiful and making your kitchen much more beautiful, if you hang it on one of the walls, it will also protect your hands against burns from hot dishes.

You can make the glove with colors that match your kitchen decor, dish towels, table runners. In addition to being beautiful, it is always good to make items that are useful in our daily lives. It looks beautiful to be used in decoration, but when you need to get some hot platter, it will be very useful too.

These are pieces that I love to make and give to dear friends. They can be a new house gift for friends who are moving, friends who are getting married. If you already quilt, the materials are basically the same. In case you still don’t know, we have the list of materials in the standard. The materials are basic and found in many craft stores.

Quilted Oven Mitt – Suzy Quilt

Quilted Oven Mitt Supplies

As it is not a straight piece, if you are a beginner, you may have difficulties in the rounded cut of the oven mitt. The template for the cut is available, in actual size, along with the pattern. By the template you will get an idea if you need to raise or not, according to the size of your hand. Below you will find the list of materials needed. Set everything apart before starting the oven mitt.

  • Exterior Fabric – two pieces of 100% cotton measuring 9″ x 14″ or several medium-sized scraps to sew together;
  • Lining Fabric – two pieces of 100% cotton measuring 9″ x 14″;
  • 100% cotton batting OR Insul-Bright (for 100% cotton batting, you’ll need four pieces that measure 9″ x 14″; for Insul-Bright, you’ll need two pieces that measure 9″ x 14″);
  • One 3 3/4″ piece of ribbon for the loop;
  • Thread;
  • Cutting mat;
  • Ruler;
  • Rotary cutter;
  • Scissors;
  • Straight pins;
  • Iron and Ironing board;
  • Basic sewing machine;
  • Printer & paper for template.

To make the oven mitt, the fabric chosen must be 100% cotton. Cotton is non-flammable, unlike fabrics that contain polyester. You can find all the step by step, template, tips and suggestions at Suzy Quilts. We love having you here, to have new ideas for crafts and sewing. Don’t forget to tell us what you think of this pattern and what it was like to make it. Now it’s time to quilt, enjoy!

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