Roll-Up Organizer – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! How are you? We hope to find you all well, full of energy and willing to make a lot of beautiful crafts. We are very happy and grateful to have you here with us. Each pattern that we find, test and see that it works, we look forward to bringing it here and sharing it with you. Today we are going to learn how to make the roll-up organizer. It is a super useful item in our daily lives, you will see how it makes a difference in your routine.

We always have something that is out of place, that we can’t find when we need it. The organizers are wonderful. Once we learn to use them and leave everything in place, you’ll see how much easier it gets. The roll-up organizer doesn’t take up much space. It’s perfect for holding craft items, scissors, cutters, crochet hooks, markers, brushes. But not only for that, as you can make the pockets the size you need, you can adapt the same organizer for different items, it’s very simple.

The amount of fabric needed is not much. If you have scraps left over from other projects, great way to use them. The size of the organizer is also easy to adapt. The pattern we separated is available at Shabby Fabrics. This pattern is a video tutorial. In it, the designer guides you throughout the process, helping you and giving you tips to make the process easier and faster.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Shabby Fabrics

The video is a little long because it is very detailed, so there is no doubt. If there is still something left, let us know in the comments, we are happy to help you. Watch the video tutorial for the first time and make sure you have all the materials before you start sewing and cutting. It’s always good to check everything so you don’t have to stop in the middle of the project and lose your thinking.

The roll-up is beautiful, a super useful organizer that everyone will love. You can make and gift a loved one, you can do it to sell or to organize your own items. We hope you like and enjoy all the tips that are in the pattern. Don’t forget to come back here to tell us how it turned out. Let’s quilt!

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