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Quilts are always in demand around here and today’s pattern is a little different, the Puff Quilt. If this is your first time visiting here, you are most welcome. We hope you feel at home and enjoy the patterns that we have lovingly separated for you. If you still don’t have practice and loved this Puff Quilt as much as we do, don’t worry.

The level is beginner, the sewing is simple, great for those who want to start and don’t know where. The biggest difference between this quilt and the others is the batting. You’ll need more of this stuff to make it cute. This quilt is perfect for that picnic or spending the afternoon in the backyard. Even though it’s a little denser than the most common quilts, it’s also a great option to snuggle up on the couch.

Kids will also love a fluffy quilt like this to play with, it’s a very versatile quilt. Best of all, there are many small pieces sewn together that make this beautiful piece. If you have scraps of fabric that you want to use, this pattern is perfect for that. If you want to recycle some clothes, they can also become part of the quilt. You may know this pattern as a Biscuit Quilt or Puff Puff Quilt.

Puff Quilt

Images / Pattern / Tutorial: Lo & Behold Stitchery

As with all quilts, colors are completely optional and should be chosen according to your taste. If you want to do it all in the same color, varying the tones, it will be a beautiful gradient design, passionate in the same way. Below we separate the list with all the necessary supplies. Remember to separate everything before starting. 
  • Fabric for the top of the puffs;
  • Scrap fabric for the back of the puffs;
  • PolyFil;
  • Batting;
  • Curved Safety Pins for basting;
  • Painters Tape for basting;
  • Needle for quilting;
  • Thimble for hand quilting/ hand binding;
  • DMC Pearl Cotton #8 for hand quilting/ binding;
  • Sewing Machine;
  • 90/14 needles for your sewing machine (for sewing through many layers of fabric);
  • Thread for your sewing machine.
Puff Quilt

You will find the complete pattern at Lo & Behold Stitchery. It has photos that detail and accompany you step by step, as well as a video tutorial to clarify any doubts. We hope you like it. Now come on, it’s time to start quilting.

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