Zipper Pouch – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Ready for another week of a lot of crafts? We hope so. Let’s have an amazing week together. We didn’t show up for a few days and we already missed having this interaction with you. Today we are going to sew the Zipper Pouch. We know that there is always something out of place, what we need is not found anywhere at the time. It’s not just you, it happens everywhere.

But it’s always good to have organizers, bags, to separate the items we need. The zipper pouch can be for this purpose. But because it is an extremely useful piece, you can use it to store school items such as pencils, pens. Need a place to leave makeup items, brushes, sponge? The zipper pouch can also be used in this case. There are many uses and you will see that if you have ten zipper pouches, the ten will have some item inside.

It may not be a very different model, nothing you haven’t seen around, but the pattern has a tiny secret weapon that will bring you some added accuracy and squelch any possible frustration you may have experienced in the past when sewing a zipper pouch. And this is one of the things that bring us the most doubts when sewing. The first few times I sewed zippers, they all got crooked or wrinkled.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Suzy Quilts

Some tips can help us at these times, but nothing replaces practice. You can buy a zipper and sew it to a scrap of fabric, a leftover from some project. Sew it several times, enjoy this material. To make the zipper pouch you will need some basic materials, and they are described in Suzy Quilts. Tips, step by step, fabric indications, all this is described there and will help you finish this beautiful project.

You can choose thematic fabrics to demonstrate what is stored there. It is an option to gift friends or to sell. You can even make kits, with different sizes of zipper pouch, it will be a charm. Tell us what you think here in the comments. We were very happy with our interaction.

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