Punch Needle for Beginners

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Embroidery makes a lot of difference. They give a unique and very special touch to the piece. The punch needle is a very special embroidery technique that gives the impression that the figure was drawn in high relief. It is made with different materials and has different uses. The embossed touch makes these pieces sophisticated, elegant and very beautiful.

It consists of an embroidery made with a special needle and different types of thread. But its great differential is the end result, the high-relief finish. You can learn how to make beautiful pieces with this stitch easily. In addition to being a very fun and relaxing hobby, you can also give or sell the pieces, guaranteeing an extra income at the end of the month.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Naztazia

You’ll need a few different materials, but for those who love crafts, you might even have something lying around. The big difference is the needle. It is a technique-specific needle, but its size is based on the thickness of the thread chosen. Choose the fabric according to the use that will be made of the embroidery. It can be cotton, denim, gabardine, oxford, tergal and denim.

You will need a frame. It is an adjustable wooden hoop that leaves the embroidery area taut and very smooth. It is worth remembering that the frame must always be larger than the size of the embroidery. With all this in hand, come and learn this beautiful butterfly on the punch needle for beginners.

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