Triple Zipper Bag – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Good to see you here again. Being able to welcome you here is very gratifying. If you love to sew, we hope that here is a space for you to be inspired by the patterns that we have separated to share with you. Thinking about evolving, testing other sewing techniques, let’s learn how to make the Triple Zipper Bag. This bag is very beautiful, small but full of space.

The sewing is incredible and allows us to create the most different pieces. Bags are essential items in everyday life. It’s the easiest way to carry everything you need, wallet, money, cell phone, keys. With this bag, it may seem very small, but the number of different pockets gives us a greater dimension of space. You can separate all the items in just one bag, it’s easier to organize and always find what we need.

You can make the bags in a variety of colors and patterns. There are people who prefer more discreet bags and choose plain fabrics, more classic colors. You can also make bags with vibrant colors too, with children’s prints, with flowers. Use all the creativity you have, make different combinations, take the opportunity to use scraps you have there to make the pockets too.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Sew Can She

It’s a great gift option, there’s no one who doesn’t need a useful bag like this for everyday life. As for the pattern, we tried to give preference to the free patterns, so you can first get an idea of ​​the level and then decide if you want to do it or not. This pattern is available at Sew Can She. The step by step of the triple zipper bag is all described, with measurements, cutting and sewing instructions and photos to help you during assembly.

One of the biggest difficulties for some people in sewing is putting on the zipper. Follow the pattern instructions and if you still have any doubts, let us know in the comments. Read the pattern more than once before starting to cut and sew. It’s much easier to understand before you start doing it, you’ll see. Did you like it? We hope you loved it as much as we did. You will see how simple it is and after the first one, it will take off. We wish you all an amazing weekend!

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