Oopsie Daisy – Quilt Pattern

Hey sweeties! How about learning a new quilt today? We are sure you will also fall in love with  this quilt. The Oopsie Daisy is that pattern full of delicacy, with lots of colorful flowers to make everything even more charming. If you’re not used to quilting with lots of cutouts, here’s the perfect opportunity to learn. The quilts look beautiful in different environments and, with this pattern, you can make the girls room even more amazing.

This pattern is made in blocks, and once you’ve done the first one, the rest is even easier. Most cutouts are pretty easy to make, simple squares. As for the colors, you can match the prints and make everything colorful. Don’t forget to wash the fabrics before you start making them. It’s not a practice that everyone does, but I like to do it to see how the fabric behaves after getting wet.

This way we prevent the fabric from shrinking and deforming the quilt. In addition, the excess paint also comes off with this first wash and does not stain the weakest colors. To get started, read the entire pattern first and look at the list of materials needed. As for the size of the pattern, you will learn to make different sizes.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Annie’s Craft Store

Because it’s made in blocks, just increase or decrease the amount to get the quilt size you need. Also, you can use the blocks to make other pieces. You can make beautiful cushion covers to match your quilt, center pieces, table runners. With a little creativity, you will see how it is possible to create beautiful pieces. See the oopsie daisy pattern at Annie’s Craft Store.

Don’t forget to come back here and tell us how it went, we are very happy to read your feedback and to know how the process went. Here is also a space for you to ask what you want to learn. Leave us your suggestion, we will search, learn and share with you. We are very happy to see you here. We hope to be able to inspire you to continue practicing more and more.

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