Bargello Music Quilt – Free Pattern

Bargello Music Quilt. Hello my loves! Another incredible day, another pattern to learn. Today we separate a new quilt, colorful and very beautiful. The Bargello Music Quilt is a very different and fun pattern, which needs a little calm to make and have a beautiful result. For this quilt, three colors were chosen, white, red and black. Variations of these shades, when positioned the right way, form this beautiful gradient.

It is a very delicate gradient, but it is evident and brings more charm to your quilt. You may notice that several prints are also there, so take the opportunity to reuse some scraps left over from another project. The quilts look beautiful in various environments. With this pattern you can make the room more musical. Combine with pillows in similar tones and make the bed very cozy.

You will have a well-made bed and a magazine room. Children’s room, living room, every place is a place for a quilt. To cheer you up even more, how about putting on a song you like and getting even more inspired? Manual crafts are like that, we need to be excited and willing to do it. So we dedicate ourselves and we have a more beautiful result, we do it with more whim and dedication.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Accuquilt

To make this quilt you don’t need any special materials, just the ones we are used to using when making the quilts. One of the most important things actually is the pattern. Read it a first time, see the materials and quantity you need. Choose what is missing and only then start quilting. Make sure you have everything so you don’t have to stop in the middle of your project.

Here I always like to do things in stages. First, iron all the fabrics to make it straighter, make all the markings and cut all the pieces that will make up the quilt. Then we started sewing, block by block, line by line. You’ll see that this saves your time and once you get the hang of it, everything gets easier. Shall we quilt? The bargello music quilt pattern is available from Accuquilt.

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