Hidden Garden – Quilt Pattern

Hello! Great to have you here again to learn a new quilt pattern, the Hidden Garden. With each visit from you, we are happy and satisfied to know that we are bringing the best standards available for you to be very successful. The Hidden Garden quilt pattern couldn’t be different. It’s not a complicated pattern, with difficult cutouts.

In the template you will find the template for cutting the leaves in actual size. I loved this pattern, I think like many quilts, it’s versatile. Changing the prints and colors of the chosen fabrics, you can make the children’s-themed bedspread, a casual bedspread to have on the living room sofa, on the bedroom bed. Anyway, everything will depend on the environment chosen to combine the quilt.

In this pattern, you will need to cut thirty sheets equal to the template. The bottom of the quilt is just a cutout, the details are on account of the appliqués that will be sewn. The finishing detail on the edge, gives an extra color to the bedspread. If you want to increase the size of the quilt, this is always a great way. Increase the size of the border, it will give a personalized and special touch to the piece.

Hidden Garden Quilt Pattern – Suzy Quilts

Chosen fabrics, time to prepare them to start the quilt. Start washing them, because the fabric will shrink. Some quilters like to use their fabrics right away without pre-washing because when they wash the finished quilt, the fabric shrinks and gives that beautiful “quilt crinkle” texture. You may or may not want this to happen.

Fabrics can also release excess dyes that are not what you want when you spend so much time creating a beautiful quilt. Imagine completing your quilt and washing it for the first time. Those beautiful blues and reds you used leaked dye on your crisp white background. It’s definitely not something we want to happen.

Now that you know the initial preparations, let’s start the quilt. The complete pattern with the template, measurements, step by step, and fabric suggestions that were used is available at Suzy Quilts. Don’t forget to leave your comment about what you think of this pattern. We are always trying to bring you everything you ask us, so you can leave your suggestions. We hope you’ll come back soon to see what’s new. Let’s quilt!

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