Puzzle Quilt – Easy Jigsaw Pattern

Quilts are very charming pieces that capture all the attention of the environment, such as the Easy Jigsaw Puzzle Quilt Pattern. It’s a colorful quilt that refers to the puzzles, which everyone must have played. It is a versatile piece that matches many environments. Whether in the living room, in an armchair, on the sofa, or the most classic use, in the decoration of the beds.

I’m sure this pattern will quickly win over the kids. You can use prints and colors that they love. Match the colors with the room decor. You can use the quilt puzzle in the toy area. Put the piece on the floor, distribute the toys on top and that’s it, time for fun. If you liked the design, which is classic, but you prefer more discreet pieces, just change the prints and colors of the fabrics.

Always choose good quality fabrics to have a piece that will last a long time. Wash and iron fabrics before starting to cut and assemble the quilt. If marking clippings, remember to always use the wrong side or make sure the marker is washable. In this pattern, not a single piece of fabric is wasted. The small squares of one color will be used to complete the puzzle.

Puzzle Quilt Pattern

Puzzle Quilt Sizes

You can find this pattern in some sizes. To make the small quilt you’ll need 6″ square quilt blocks and finishes at about 30″ x 42″. For the medium quilt you will sew 35 blocks (7 rows of 5 blocks each as shown on page 1) to make a quilt that finishes at about 45″ x 63″. If you need a larger quilt, you will have to sew 35 blocks (7 rows of 5 blocks each as shown on page 1) to make a quilt that finishes at about 60″ x 84″.

First decide on the size, choose the fabrics, separate the materials, cut the fabrics and start assembling the patchwork designs. Complicated? Don’t worry, the pattern is simple. You can find all the details, explanations, diagrams and measurements atThe Spruce Crafts. It’s quilting time!

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