Wilderness Quilt – Free Pattern

Day to make another beautiful quilt, the Wilderness Quilt. This quilt has such a beautiful pattern, it refers to a landscape, with the sun and the mountains. Is not it pretty? This quilt pattern might be a little more work and take longer to complete. The work will pay off, rest assured. Just like other crafts, don’t be in a hurry to finish, do it in your time. With calm and dedication to ensure a well-finished work.

The colors are all suggested in the pattern. But these are just suggestions, color and pattern are matters of taste. Choose the ones you like the most and combine them with others. Not all fabrics need large sizes. If you already have some at home and want to use them, combine them with the new prints and recycle these fabric scraps.

For me, craft time is time to relax. Put on a song that motivates you, let a movie play, all to make this moment relaxing. To avoid interruptions when assembling the quilt, separate everything before starting. Cut the necessary pieces, separate the lines that match the colors of the quilt. Check if everything is ok with your sewing machine and that’s it, just get started!

Wilderness Quilt

At the end of sewing, the pattern will be 60″x64″ in measurement. If you want a larger size, an alternative is to add a plain border of a color already used in the pattern. In addition to fabrics, you will need binding fabric and backing fabric. Remember to wash the fabrics before starting to cut the shapes. You’ll prevent one print from smearing the other and you already know which fabrics release ink.

Wilderness Quilt Diagram

We are always very happy to have you here with us. We hope that this pattern inspires you to always do more crafts, exercise creativity and enjoy this art more and more. The complete pattern is available at Art Gallery Fabrics. There you can find the diagrams, fabric suggestions, step-by-step sewing of the pieces, in short, everything you need to make the quilt. Let’s start? Separate everything and get to work.

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