Quilt Block Tote – Free Patttern

Hi my loves! Shall we start the week by making beautiful crafts? Here we always try to bring everything you like and that can be useful for you, whether on a daily basis, to sell or for yourself. Thinking about it, let’s learn how to make the Quilt Block Tote together? Impossible not to fall in love with this model and not find a use for it. In our day to day, there is no way not to go out without a bag. We always need to carry a wallet, keys and documents and, having a bag, it is always easier.

This tote is considered a full size, perfect to use when you need to carry more items. Another excellent option is to use it in the market, to take the goods and not need to use plastic bags. In addition to helping the environment, the bag is much prettier. You can choose different fabrics and colors. In the detail of the front pocket, as the pieces are small, you can use scraps left over from other projects as well.

Choose colors and prints that match and assemble your tote. Need a slightly smaller bag, decrease the measurements of the bag base. For a larger bag the reasoning is the same, increase the base of the bag. It’s a simple bag, without many details, without dividers, zipper or buttons. It’s easy to do and if you don’t have a lot of practice in sewing, don’t worry.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

Choose quality fabrics that value your work and add more value to the piece. It’s a great gift option for dear friends, to sell, and for yourself to use during your activities. The pattern has all the tips and instructions for cutting and sewing. The measurements are there too, the fabrics, colors used and diagrams will help you during the process. If you have any doubts, let us know in the comments.

We will help you and we want to see a lot of quilt block tote out there. The pattern is available from All People Quilt. Did you like it? We love this pattern and found it very useful. We want to hear from you too, is there a pattern you want to learn? We’re here to share items that inspire you to keep making beautiful crafts. Time to separate the materials and quilt!

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