Placemat – Fall Leaves Pattern

The Placemat is a decorative piece that brings a lot of charm to mealtimes. Just like the pattern we brought you today, Fall Leaves. This piece serves as the base for all dishes on the dining table. In addition to providing greater richness to the details, it serves to facilitate the service of meals. It also prevent the dishes from slipping.

To add even more charm, you can bet on a piece of handmade origin, such as the patchwork placemat. A well decorated dining table makes all the difference. The attention to detail, the choice of pieces, cutlery and bowls create a special result. The patchwork placemat is sure to bring personality to the table. With the variety of pieces that this technique allows, it is possible to use the patchwork placemat in different decorations and occasions.

Handcrafted pieces are excellent to give a unique touch to the decor. The patchwork placemat transforms your dining table, making family gatherings and meeting friends even better. Choose good quality fabrics that do not fade easily. No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. If you spill any food or drink on the placemat, wash it right away to avoid stains.

Fall Leaves Placemat

The coolest thing about these pieces is that they are versatile, being able to match your dinnerware. It can be made in a themed way, to make your lunch or dinner even more differentiated. With a good dose of creativity and different fabric compositions, you can create unique and stylish pieces.

Because they are a success, these placemats can still be an excellent way to guarantee an extra income at the end of the month. This is because the demand these days for this type of work is quite large.

Placemat Diagram

Want to get inspired and learn more about the techniques to create these placemats and still bet on your creativity and sewing talent? See the pattern that we separated for you with the steps and tips to make your meals even more cheerful. The pattern is available in All People Quilt.

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