Minimal Triangles Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey loves! How is your week going? We hope all is well and you are making beautiful pieces. We always think of you when we find and test a new pattern. Everything worked? Time to share another model with you. Today will be the Minimal Triangles Quilt. It’s a simple model, but it’s still amazing. If you’re thinking about starting quilting, which is amazing therapy, you can start with this pattern.

Each quilt has a different design, a combination of colors and prints that make it unique. The quilt is that classic piece that looks beautiful in different environments and decorations. The most classic use and known by many people is in the bedrooms, they make the environment more tidy and very cozy. But you can choose to leave it in the living room, either covering the sofa, in an armchair or in a basket, ready for when you want to snuggle up.

How about making this quilt to be part of the baby’s layette? You can match the colors and theme with the room decor. Use different prints and combine plain fabrics with colors that will complement the prints. You can use any scraps of fabric left over from another project. This quilt does not require the repetition of equal parts, so if the pieces you have are small, it will work too.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Simple Simon and Company

You can see in the pattern that the designer chose a plain fabric as the background of the quilt. To highlight the minimal triangles, the background has to highlight the other fabrics. You can choose a patterned fabric and make the triangles with plain fabrics, in shades that match and make everything even more beautiful. Come learn the minimal triangles quilt with us at Simple Simon and Company.

Step by step, materials, measurements and sewing instructions are there to guide you through the entire project. Whether for yourself, for a gift to a loved one or to sell, this quilt will be a hit around. Don’t forget to come back here and tell us how it was to make the quilt. We are very happy to hear about your experience and, if you have any doubts, ask us too. Quilting time!

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