Picnic Play Throw Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! What a pleasure to have you here with us for another week. Another month has ended and each time we are getting closer to the end of another year. It seems like it went by very fast around here, how was it for you? I think there are so many quilts to make that we don’t even pay attention to the passing days. With Picnic Play Throw Quilt it was like that.

When we saw this pattern, we tested it on the same day and we were very happy with the result and we are going to share it with you. The quilts are incredible, even if they are just to decorate the environment, cover the sofa or leave the bed well made. But this one has one more function, games to distract the kids and make the picnic even more fun. In addition to making everything easier, you don’t need to carry a thousand things, just the quilt and the picnic basket with everything you need.

To make the pieces of the games, checkers and tic-tac-toe, you will need the same material, fabrics. Light parts that you can carry and replace whenever one gets in the way. About the materials, the same that we use in other tipes of quilt. Fabrics, scissor, sewing machine, line, tape measure. What you can abuse is creativity when choosing fabrics. Look for more resistant fabrics. Remember that this quilt is for play. Several of the cutouts are small, white and black pieces to assemble what would be the board.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Accuquilt

Use the scraps left over from other projects to assemble this quilt, it will look beautiful. You can see that the combinations are easy to make, whether with prints or colored fabrics. The important thing is to keep the contrast between the pieces and the board, so the children don’t get lost in the game. With this quilt, you will garantee many moments of joy.

Whether teaching the little ones, playing with them or promoting game afternoons with their friends. They will love it and you will be able to have some fun time outdoors. This quilt is perfect for gifting and a great idea for selling. It’s an interactive quilt, you can’t go wrong. The picnic play throw quilt pattern is available at Accuquilt and is waiting for you to start quilting. Shall we?! Time to quilt!

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