Northern Star Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Here we are, together once more. And if we’re here, you already know, a new standard is coming. It’s amazing the amount of models we found. One quilt is more amazing than the other. We like to share comforters in every color, made in every way, to make sure you like one of them. How about learning the Northern Star? A very beautiful quilt. Just as the name says, full of stars in shades of the same color. Printed fabrics are also popular in this quilt.

We separate some photos of the same pattern, but with different colors. I think it’s amazing the difference it makes. Sometimes it doesn’t even look like the same quilt. As for their use, we know that they are pieces that fit in many environments, but it is in the bedroom that they gain more prominence. A better-made bed makes a better bedroom decor presentation.

Of course, all the details of these environments deserve attention. Including, it is necessary to take care in the composition of the set of sheets, pillows, cushions and other pieces. By the way, would you know how to choose correctly, for example, the bedspread for your bedroom bed? Who wouldn’t want to sleep in a bed like those found in hotels or in furniture or decoration stores?

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Windham Fabrics

No wonder they look so comfortable. In fact, they are well groomed to look that way. In the case of bedspreads, specifically, their function is to protect the other pieces of the bedding set. Furthermore, it can be the key piece to contrast or connect the look of the bed with the rest of the scenery. The secret to not make a mistake at this time is not to place more articles on the site than is necessary or even beyond the user’s preferences.

Remembering that everything has to look beautiful, but comfortable and practical too. Quilts and pillow covers are usually made from the same fabric. It is already interesting to contrast these pieces with pillow covers, pillowcases and sheets. But, somehow, everything has to match. Did you like the tips? Now all you have to do is quilt and decorate your room. Come learn northern star at Windham Fabrics. I’m sure it will be very successful and make your house even more tidy.

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