Trip Around The World Quilt

Trip Around The World Quilt an incredible job with a different touch that should be done calmly and that has a very stylish and modern result that many will love. In the decoration of the room this bedspread can leave the atmosphere cheerful and stylish, in addition to being very beautiful and charming. It is worth making pieces of this type that make us proud of our craftsmanship skills. The colors of your quilt will depend on your taste, keep this in mind as it is important.

Choose your fabric according to the decoration of the room you want to place it, this way everything is easier because it will match anything. Practice, this type of quilt leaves the house always well prepared to receive your visits, which helps a lot. It is an excellent product option for sales because it is a different piece and requires time to be made.

Certainly when doing your job you usually have a lot of doubts about how it is the best way to do a perfect job, we know what it’s like to have these doubts. But with love and patience it is possible to do incredible jobs and with wonderful charm. Thank you for visiting our website. We always try to bring the best for you.

Trip Around The World Quilt

Pattern/Images/Tutorial By: Chumkies Hobbies

The Mock-Up
First I colored a mock-up on graph paper, which is how I decided the dimensions of the quilt.  There would be 11 rows across and 11 columns down, and each finished square would measure 1.5″, which would make a finished quilt 16.5″ square.  Much more manageable than a queen size quilt!

Take a look at the four identical segments I talked about before.  The ‘X’s down the vertical and horizontal centers of the quilt divide it into four segments and the top half of the quilt is a mirror image of the bottom half.  Similarly, the left half of the quilt is a mirror image of the right half.

Fabric Selection & PreparationI picked out 5 fat quarters that were light, medium and dark greens and reds.

They were washed, ironed to remove all wrinkles, and cut into 2″ strips.

Making the Strip Set and Tube 
The strips were then sewn into a strip set going from lightest, light, medium, to dark and medium.

The raggedy ends of the strip set were cut off and starting from the bottom of this strip set, each strip of fabric was assigned a number from 1 to 5.  Turning the strip set over, with the wrong side up, I joined the first (Fabric 1) and last (Fabric 5) strips to form a tube and pinned them in place.

The two end strips were sewn together to form a tube and the strip set was cut into 2″ segments. One strip set yielded 10 two-inch segments, so a total of 2-1/2 strip sets were used to make this small quilt.  The top section needed 11 segments and the bottom section needed 11 segments, the horizontal center strip of the quilt needed 2 segments and an extra 2-1/2″ square was required for the dead center of the quilt.  Therefore, 11+11+2=24 two inch segments + 1 two-inch square of fabric 5 were needed in total.

To keep the 2″ segments from scattering, they were placed in a paper-mache bucket that cost $1.00 at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts.

You Can See The Rest Of The Pattern With Images Here

What Our Team Thinks About The Trip Around The World Quilt

This Quilt is incredibly beautiful and can help you a lot when composing your decor. This quilt will provide you with amazing models that will delight everyone who sees them, as this quilt is simply amazing and can be made in various colors, which helps a lot and can provide you with amazing models that you can sell.

Do you want to make this beautiful Trip Around The World Quilt to use in your home? So just separate your tools, your material and follow the tutorial we brought you today, it’s simple like that !! This quilt is very beautiful and will help you a lot with making new and beautiful pieces !!

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