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Farm Sweet Farm – Free Pattern

Making a quilt is a rewarding and creative activity that allows you to add a warm, personal touch to any bedroom decor. If you are looking for an interesting and charming pattern, the “Farm Sweet Farm” quilt is a perfect option. In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide to help you create your own […]

Flea Market Flower Quilt Pattern – Free Pattern

Patchwork quilts are a classic in the craft world and bring with them a sense of nostalgia and warmth. A lovely variation on this pattern is the Flea Market Flower Quilt. This quilt features an eclectic combination of colorful floral fabrics, resulting in a bright and unique look. In this article, we’re going to explore […]


The design industry is constantly evolving, and design standards play a crucial role in creating aesthetically appealing and functional products. One pattern that has been gaining prominence recently is the combination of traditional blocks to create a fresh new design. In this article, we’ll explore how this creative approach allows for the reinvention of classic […]

French Braid Quilt Pattern

The French braid is a classic patchwork pattern that creates a charming visual effect. With its intertwined lines, this technique adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the final result. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a French braid quilt: Necessary materials: Scraps of fabric in different colors and prints Ruler Scissors Sewing machine […]

Punch Needle for Beginners

Hey everyone, welcome to Instaquilting! We hope to find everyone well, healthy and excited to start a new pattern together with us. Our team is always looking for new ideas, so it’s important that you tell us what you want to learn, what techniques you want to improve. We hope that here you will find […]

Heart to Heart Quilting Pattern

Hi everyone! Looking for a new pattern? Know that you are in the right place. We make a point of bringing you many options so that you can choose as you wish. Then just separate the materials and go to the most fun part, quilting. Today we are bringing a mini quilt, the Heart to […]

Elephant and Baby Quilt Pattern

Hello my loves! Our first meeting this year. How are you? On vacation, getting back to routine? Here we are back to normal, we say goodbye to the family and return to reality. Written goals and objectives and an amazing year full of new opportunities ahead. But one thing doesn’t change, our handicraft. I hope […]

Sewing Undercover – Free Pattern

Hey my loves! Another week starting and we are already full of news to share with you. How are you? Did you enjoy the weekend? We hope so, that all of you are well and with the energy recharged to make this amazing week. For starters, come learn Sewing Undercover. It’s a very cool pattern, […]

Folded Star – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! Ready to learn a new pattern with us? For today we separate the Folded Star, an incredible and very beautiful pattern. Look how amazing this star is, colorful and with different prints, it matches the environment and makes everything more beautiful. In the pattern, you have the suggestion to use the folded […]

Scrappy Hunter’s Star – Free Pattern

Scrappy Hunter’s Star. Hello my loves, ready to quilt some more? We are sure that you will be inspired by the pattern that our team has separated for you. Each quilt has a different detail, a technique, a combination of colors and prints that makes it a unique, special piece. That’s why we always remind […]