Red Between the Lines Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey loves! How are things out there, lots of crafts? We hope to find you all well, with the desire to continue quilting. We separate another amazing pattern to share with you. Red Between the Lines is a very beautiful quilt, with vibrant colors that make everything even more charming. If you’ve already fallen in love with photos like us, stay here with us.

This is another beautiful quilt that you wil need start with blocks, but some are different from the others to follow the pattern. Quilts make all the difference in our home. You can put it in the living room, bedroom, outdoors or take it to a picnic. It is beautiful and brings a lot of joy to the environment. Combine with colorful pillows. To make this quilt you will need make blocks. You can even use the same block to make a beautiful pillow.

Let’s talk about fabrics. The name of the quilt is because the color, red, but it looks very pretty in other colors too. The important thing is to choose two different colors that contrast and show all the details. Regardless of colors, choose quality fabrics. You needn’t buy the most expensive fabrics but there’s also no need to waste hours making a quilt with thin fabric that won’t hold up during use and when it is washed.

Image / Patttern / Tutorial: Quilting Daily

As for clippings, scissors are often not the fastest or most appropriate. Rotary cutting is a technique that every new quilter should master because it allows us to bypass the time-intense method of constructing templates to mark and cut individual pieces of fabric. You’ll love the freedom that rotary tools provide, and speedy cutting is a fantastic motivation for continued success.

When learning how to make a quilt it’s smart to familiarize yourself with the skills you’ll need and common abbreviations used with patterns before you start. So read the pattern first before starting to quilt. Ready to learn the Red Between the Lines Quilt? You can find the pattern in Quilting Daily. Come tell us what you think. Time to sort the materials and start quilting!

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