By Popular Demand – Quilt Pattern

You know that piece that just arriving at the place makes you feel cozy? This is the effect that the By Popular Demand quilt has on us. It is a quilt that brings joy, charm and a lot of delicacy at the same time. You can see that the quilt pattern uses various colors and prints that match each other. This is the great idea of ​​this craft, choosing fabrics that attract attention and delight in the combination of prints.

At first it may seem difficult to make good combinations, but little by little you will get beautiful quilts. To start, choose just a colorful print and match it with color fabrics that are present in this fabric. Do you have any scraps left at home? Use this as a base and put together the combinations you think are necessary.

When mixing different colors, an important tip is to wash the fabrics separately before starting the quilt. Strongly colored fabrics can bleed and stain other colors. So be careful so that your quilt doesn’t get stained at the end. If you prefer to mark the shapes to be cut, make sure the marker comes off after washing. Or mark on the back of the fabric.

By Popupar Demand

By Popular Demand Quilt Materials

Let’s talk about the amount of fabric needed. As the squares are not large, cutting is quick and easy. Before you start sewing, make sure you have all the materials. Separate the fabrics, cut the squares, check the lines and start sewing. You’re going to need it:

  • 1/4 yard of 12 different fabrics in 4 color ways;
  • 1/3 yard for quilt binding;
  • Sewing Machine;
  • Thread;
  • Rotary Cutter and Mat;
  • Quilting Ruler.

This quilt is approximately 48″ by 56″. Want to make it bigger or smaller? Just adapt the size of the squares, but remember to make them all the same size. It is a pattern that you will be able to adapt to various sizes. The pattern is available from Simple Simon & Company. Come on, quilting time!

By Popular Demand – Diagram

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