Modern Table Runner – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! Another week coming to an end and it was really nice to spend these days with you. It’s therapy to make crafts. Each different model helps us to be more creative, exercise our brain and still have an extra income at the end of the month. Thinking about sharing another beautiful model with you, let’s learn how to make Modern Table Runner together.

It’s a pattern that doesn’t require many different cuts, which helps us a lot when making the cuts. The entire table runner is assembled from squares and small triangles. What makes it different and modern are the combinations of colors and prints that you can make. The scraps are very small, perfect for you who have several pieces left over from other projects.

Just as the designer chose gray to be the main color of the table runner, a beautiful and classic color. You can choose any other color, as long as it highlights and contrasts with the prints you choose to complete the pattern. The table runner looks beautiful in different rooms. The most common way we see decorations is to use it on the table, leaving everything more decorated.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Sew Can She

You can put a vase of flowers, making the environment even more charming. Many people like to decorate the sideboard in the entrance hall, it also looks beautiful and is a beautiful way to make the environment more beautiful. If you have a larger table and need to increase the size of the table runner, increase the number of blocks. For a smaller table runner, decrease the number of rounds. The cool thing about patterns is that you can use the design to make other pieces as well.

Once we learn to assemble, creativity goes a long way and we create new incredible pieces. The complete modern table runner pattern is available at Sew Can She. All the step by step, cutting and sewing instructions and fabric suggestions are there. If you have any doubts, let us know in the comments. We are here to help, inspire and continue to make beautiful crafts. Time to separate the materials, understand the pattern and quilt!

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