Beautiful Bird Quilt – Tutorial

Nothing better than starting the new year with new pieces for home decor. Patchwork is a trend that is definitely here to stay. It’s a simple style that you can make with small pieces of fabric, with the most varied colors and textures. This technique allows you to make themed pieces too, depending on the print you choose. The pattern we brought you today is a beautiful bird quilt.

Birds have always brought me the thought of freedom. Besides being a great way to bring the idea of ​​nature indoors. You can use the fabric in colors that match the environment. Place the quilt on top of the armchair or sofa in the living room. It can also be used in the most classic way, on top of the bed. What about make the birds in the children’s favorite colors? Bring them to participate in this moment too.

In other words, to make this quilt, feel free as a bird. You can show all your creativity through this piece. Take a chance on colors, textures. Why not make birds of different colors on the same quilt? We are sure that your quilt will look beautiful, with your personality, and you will feel very proud of the work done. Take advantage of the craft moment to connect with yourself. It’s your time to relax.

Bird Quilt by Margot Languedoc

How to make a Flying Bird

The materials you will need are the basics to make any quilt: scissors, sewing thread, sewing machine, measuring tape, fabrics of your choice. You will start the quilt making blocks of birds that are sewn together at the end, forming this beautiful design. This wonderful Pattern was design by Margot Languedoc. In the end, you will have a quilt that measures 60 ½” by 70” square. We have separated a video to help you step by step.

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