Pint Size Table Runner – Free Pattern

Hi loves! Another week starting along with a new month. Can you believe we are already in the eighth month? We have the impression that it passed very quickly, after all we did a lot too. It goes even faster that way. Shall we start the month with a beautiful project? The Pint Size Table Runner is incredible, a pattern full of details and delicacy. This pattern is all made with appliqués, giving more emphasis to each detail of the table runner.

If you still don’t know this technique, come learn everything together with us. This model is a little smaller than the table runners we are used to seeing and making. If you want to increase, so as not to change the size of the appliqués, you can increase a block in the middle of the pattern. In place of four squares, put six, eight and make the table runner longer.

It depends on how you like to use the piece. Some people make it longer, larger than the size of the table, while other people prefer a piece in the center of the table. But not only on tables, the table runner is very beautiful on other furniture, other environments. You can put it in the entrance hall, along with a beautiful vase of flowers. Either way, the piece will gain prominence in the environment.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Suzy Quilts

Because it’s made of appliqués, you can use scraps left over from other projects to make the details. The pattern is available in two forms to you. The pattern pdf can be downloaded for you to have the entire list of materials described and the basic cutting and sewing instructions. The video tutorial is also there and for many people it is the best way to learn. Watch the video tutorial a first time before starting to make the cuts, I believe it’s not wasted time.

If you have the pdf in hand and watch the video tutorial, you will be able to easily make the pint size table runner. But you already know, if you have any doubts, tell us here in the comments box. We are very grateful to have you here with us. Shall we start the week with a lot of joy? Time to sort the materials and start quilting!

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