Red Table Runner – Amazing Pattern

How about making a beautiful red table runner with the help of fabric scraps? It’s always nice to produce beautiful crafts to pass the time and even more, manage to have a very beautiful item at the end. The idea that we bring you in this post may please you a lot. You can do it very well at home from common sewing techniques that you may already know very well.

It’s an ideal tip for you to create at home. It is a super easy and attractive step by step for you to do it in a simple way at home. It is ideal for decorating the table with perfection and great taste. You’ll spend little material, you can take advantage of the scraps you have there at home and you’ll learn how to make this table runner in a simple and easy way, just follow every detail of the pattern available.

This table path is very quick to make, you can make several and using very little fabric. Despite the name, it can also be used to decorate sideboards, the bedroom dresser, the children’s room. Besides being a great option to decorate the Christmas table. Believe me, there’s still time to do it!

Red Table Runner

The Red Table Runner

Firstly, we recomend you set aside the necessary materials to avoid interruption in the middle of the creative process. You will need:


Measure Tape;

Fabric Scraps;

Sewing Thread;


Fabric Strips

How To Do The Table Runner

You will start by cutting 2.5″ x 8.5″ strips. From your low volume co-ordinating fabric, you will need a square measuring 9.5″ as well as 2.5″ squares.

As a guess, I’d suggest starting with 18 red/grey strips and 9 low-volume 2.5″ squares. You can add more strips if you would like your table runner a little longer.

Until here everything fine, right? And will keep going easy like this, believe me!

Check the whole pattern available FREE in Your Crochet Now and in Samelia’s Mum.

Table Runner

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