Fat Quarter Fabric Baskets

Fat Quarter Fabric Baskets, a very interesting idea, because, according to the work, there were beautiful ideas from other beautiful baskets. It is a basic piece for other works, it will certainly have beautiful creations and models.

With this basket you can keep all your fabrics and threads too, besides, it’s a good product for sales. With very little material you will make this beautiful basket, after you separate everything, try to read the quilt tutorial very carefully so you don’t make a mistake.

The color is up to each person, as each one has their favorite color and that matches their environment, which is what helps a lot. With this idea you will be able to make amazing pieces, so use your creativity. These Fat Quarter Fabric Baskets are very nice, for example, as a gift for someone you love and who you know likes to quilt.

Combines with various places in the house, it will undoubtedly be perfect for decoration and will help a lot. A very simple piece to make and that can certainly help your day-to-day when you want to organize small pieces. You can also make this amazing Crafty Tote.

Fat Quarter Fabric Baskets

Pattern/Images/Tutorial: Connie Kresin

Fat Quarters in your stash are great for baskets this size.
A fat quarter is approximately 18″ x 22″. Just cut the fabric into a square. Some of my fabrics had been washed which made them slightly smaller. All I did was square up the fabric.

Basket sizes
The first basket I made was this green one which turned out with higher sides than I wanted for a breadbasket. The corners were 3″. After I made this one, I switched to 2½” corners.

Green fabric with a large floral print
Two 18″ x 18″ fabric squares and 3″ corners.

Yellow rose print fabric and a yellow batik
Two 18″ x 18″ fabric squares and 2½” corners.

What Do We Think About This Pattern

These amazing Fat Quarter Fabric Baskets will help you a lot when storing and organizing your fabrics and threads, you can be sure. In addition to helping you with organization these baskets are also perfect for decorating the environment, which helps even more. It’s a great piece to help you with your work, believe me, it will help you a lot and amaze everyone.

How about we make these Fat Quarter Fabric Baskets? So follow the tutorial and I’m sure you’ll be able to make this piece quickly and easily. A great tip is that you separate your material and your tools before making this piece, so you can follow the tutorial while making the piece, that way you will be able to do everything perfectly.

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