Christmas Once a Month: Winter Seeds Table Topper

Christmas Once a Month: Winter Seeds Table Topper, makes your decor even more charming and ready to receive guests on Christmas Eve! In addition to being very delicate, this item can be used on any table format, whether round, rectangular or square, which helps a lot. With that in mind, we share here another beautiful quilt work that is very romantic and exclusive for you to innovate in your reception on this long-awaited and important date.

Remember to prioritize the harmony between the colors of all the elements that will make up your table set, such as the table path, napkins, napkin holders, crockery and cutlery, this is important. Choose the best color you choose to make this beautiful crochet piece.

They are towels, which can be worked in knitting, quilts, crochet, fabrics, felt, in short, there is an infinite number of ways that table rails can be found. Perfect for decorating many places, which also helps a lot.

Christmas Once a Month: Winter Seeds Table Topper

Finished Size: 27 1/2″ wide
Here is how you can make this table topper for yourself (or a friend):

1 pkg. charm squares OR the following:
1 fat 1/8 (9″ x 21″) each of 5 light fabrics for background
1 fat 1/8 (9″ x 21″) each of 2 aqua fabrics for seed applique
Fabric scraps of red fabric for seed applique
1/4 yard binding
7/8 yard backing
Cutting Instructions:

Side Triangles: From one of the light background fabrics, cut (2) 7 1/4″ squares, then cut in half once diagonally.
Center Squares: From each of the four remaining background fabrics, cut (4) 5″ squares each.

What Do We Think About This Pattern

An Amazing Christmas Once a Month: Winter Seeds Table Topper to help with your Christmas decoration, believe me, you will be able to make beautiful decorations using this piece. They are great pieces to help assemble the table and promise to be successful among your customers, you can be sure they will love this amazing Table Topper. Pattern/Images/Tutorial: The Crafty Quilter

How about we make this Christmas Once a Month: Winter Seeds Table Topper? So follow the tutorial and I’m sure you’ll be able to make this piece quickly and easily. A great tip is that you separate your material and your tools before making this piece, so you can follow the tutorial while making the piece, that way you’ll be able to do everything perfectly.

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