Rachael’s Garden Quilt

Rachael’s Garden Quilt, beautiful patterns and colors for you to make and make your home very beautiful with a special charm that comes from this piece. The quilt is a branch of crafts aimed at creating pieces for the home such as bedspreads, decorative towels, rugs, and even accessories. It is well known all over the world, being used to make incredible and elaborate pieces, in addition to pleasing all audiences, as there are several ways and styles to make the quilt.

One of the features is also the low cost of producing the pieces, as with a simple material such as thread and a needle, it is possible to create an incredible quilt to decorate the bed in a wonderful way. Check out this amazing quilt pattern we brought you today, I’m sure you will.

The style of the quilt, when used in the bedroom with amazing and very beautiful pieces, leaves the environment with a more relaxed and more cheerful decor, with a light atmosphere. We thank you for visiting our website.

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Rachael’s Garden Quilt

Full Pattern/Tutorial/Images: Becky Tillman Petersen

you need:
• Floral fabrics – 5-6 yards of various coordinating colors and prints
• Floral for border – 1 ¾ yards
• Lights/creams fabrics – 2 ¾ yards
• Raspberry fabric – 1 yard for center of log blocks and 2″ cut border
• ½-5/8 yard of your favorite color for binding.
This quilt is made up of only 1 block. The design is created by turning the blocks! This is commonly called a
“curved log cabin” or an “uneven log cabin block”.

Note: there are various ways to do this. One is to use a long strip (as in the tutorial linked to below) or to cut
logs. I cut my logs first.
For each block: (you need to make 64 blocks, so the total will be in parenthesis)

Our Opinion About This Pattern

Rachael’s Garden Quilt, the piece you needed to decorate your room in an incredible way, you can be sure that this piece will help you a lot and provide you with a wonderful decoration. This beautiful piece will decorate your home with style making everything more beautiful and very stylish, believe me you will love this piece.

Want to make this wonderful Rachael’s Garden Quilt? So it’s simple, separate all your material and your tools before starting your piece, this will facilitate the execution of this project we brought, follow the tutorial carefully, make your piece while following the tutorial and I’m sure you’ll be able to make this beautiful project easily .

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