Canvas Market Bag Quilt

Canvas Market Bag Quilt, it is perfect for a relaxed and fun look. Easy to do and it has a very beautiful result that will leave many amazed. Perfect for those days of walking you need to take few things. Often the beauty lies in the simplicity of the work and the strength of the craftsmanship, which is versatile and looks good on all occasions. Making an accessory like this is always a great pleasure and also brings a lot of joy for being able to make something so beautiful that we are going to use.

This quilt bag is simple and has a very delicate and charming finish that will catch everyone’s attention. It can also be an excellent gift for that dear friend because it is different and unique, in addition to being made by you. This is a beautiful accessory full of charm, it can be used to go out with friends, go to the mall with friends and even to walk with your boyfriend or husband or go shopping.

The straps used here can be an option if you wish, you can make another one in quilt and finish it in the best way you want. Taking advantage of the technique to make these types of differentiated products such as accessories fills us with joy, which is incredible.

Canvas Market Bag Quilt

Pattern/Tutorial/Images: We All Sew

What You’ll Need:

Materials to Create a Canvas Market Bag
1 Yard of Canvas Fabric (I used Fleet and Flourish Canvas by AFG)
Rotary Cutter and Mat
White Thread
Straight Ruler
Wonder Tape

Instructions to Sew a Canvas Market Bag
Step 1 – Cut the fabric
Cut (1) 36 inches x 19 inches (main body)
Cut (1) 13 inches x 19 inches (bag bottom)
Cut (2) 36 inches x 4 inches (handles)

Step 2 – Prepare the fabric for sewing

Place wonder tape on the longer edge of the canvas fabric. Fold the edge over 1/4 inch on that long side.


What Our Crew Thinks About This Pattern

An amazing and perfect bag to store your belongings and go out with your friends or to go for that walk. This bag can be made easily if you follow the tutorial correctly and it has a very beautiful result, with incredible colors that give this bag a very cheerful and creative look that will delight everyone !!

Let’s go to this beautiful Canvas Market Bag then? Then follow the tutorial and I’m sure you’ll be able to make this piece with ease. A tip we give you is to separate your material and your tools before making this piece, so you can follow the tutorial while making the piece, that way you will be able to do everything perfectly.

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