About Us

Insta Quilting is a website that aims to democratize and simplify information in general. We address various types of issues in addition to presenting financial services to people, through technology and educational and journalistic content.

We are on your side to present you with the best options on applications, job openings, business opportunities, digital accounts, banks, credit cards, insurance, loans, financing and more.

With the growing demand for information getting faster and faster, our portal works as a reliable place for people to seek knowledge and opportunities without worrying about “fake news” or opportunists that aim to harm or even illegally store user data.

We are an information and entertainment portal focused on helping people to be better every day. We have a team of professional writers who keep an eye on current events and news all the time. We provide daily articles, reviews, tutorials, information and opportunities for people who are looking to grow through the power of knowledge. Welcome to Insta Quilting.

Legal Notice

Insta Quilting does not request, in any situation, amounts of money to release any type of financial product, be it credit card, financing or loan. If this happens, let us know immediately.

We work to keep all information as up to date as possible. However, it is worth mentioning that this information may differ from the information found on the websites of financial institutions and / or service providers on a specific website.

With respect to institutions with which we do not have a partnership: we do not guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of the information. Always remember to read the terms of use and terms of purchase of the financial institutions you choose. We receive a small amount of advertising on our website and from our partners when we refer a user who requests a product or proposal.

Everything we publish is based on quantitative and qualitative evaluations of each product. It is worth mentioning that our partners can directly influence the products that we write and review, and also on the order of the “best” articles and product placement on Insta Quilting. Given the amount of information on our website, we do not provide any type of guarantee on the quality and timeliness of the information; therefore, we prioritize information from our partners.