Mosaic Jig Medallion Quilt-Along

Mosaic Jig Medallion Quilt-Along, the quilt you need to give your home a different touch, I’m sure you’ll love it. The quilt as it is called is an incredible crafts practice in which we work with sewing and simple and printed fabric pieces, this work results in amazing beautiful products that will amaze you. The quilt is well known and is widely used today. It can provide incredible results, you’ll love the pieces you’ll be able to make with the quilt, believe me.

It is a very old craft, but still very used that has been innovating a lot every day but always with increasingly better and stylish pieces for you that will surprise you, with just a needle, thread and a few pieces or nieces of fabric you can make amazing pieces for give that up on the decoration and still sell, you can be sure that this will help you a lot.

Mosaic Jig Medallion Quilt-Along, the result of a stylish work, the quilt is a technique used by many artisans for its practicality and the enchanting final result that always amazes everyone and provides pieces that leave everyone’s jaw dropping with its result. The colors of your quilt will depend on you.

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Mosaic Jig Medallion Quilt-Along

Images/Tutorial/Pattern: Easy Patchwork

What tools will you need?
This is what you currently need to pull together. There might be a tool or two still needed, but we’ll talk about that later.
45mm rotary cutter
28 mm rotary cutter (if you are using a circle cutting ruler)
Circle rotary cutter (optional – her shown in blue/gray)
Cardboard (or your kid’s favorite cereal box) for templates
Fabric scissors
Paper scissors
glass head needles
Trickmarker and/or pencil
1/4″ sewing machine foot
Circle cutting ruler (i.e., Circle Savvy Ruler by Creative Grids® or other brand)
6 1/2″ ruler
6″ x 12″ or 24″ ruler
starch spray
Glue stick
Thin Dryer Sheets or Stick N-Tear Paper (for appliqué)
Large self-healing cutting mat
Sewing machine (of course)
Bi-weekly instructions

Our Team’s Opinion About This Pattern

Mosaic Jig Medallion Quilt-Along, so beautiful and well designed!! I’m sure you’re gonna love this piece, it has a beautiful design and a stylish result that’ll leave you amazed, believe me. This amazing piece will help you give your house a look that you’ll love, you’ll truly be amazed. This will surely make your customers want one like it, which will help you in sales!!

Want to make this amazing Mosaic Jig Medallion Quilt-Along? Then set aside all your material and tools before starting your piece so that you already have everything close at hand, this way it’ll be easy to carry out this project, follow the tutorial carefully, make your piece while following the tutorial and I’ m sure that you will be able to make this amazing work easily.

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