Pillows Patterns: The Castle and The Sail Away

When we talk about patchwork crafts, we have a lot of beautiful and different patterns, so we brought two pillow patterns, the castle and the sail away. Cushions are true allies when decorating. Soft and full of life, the pillows make the sofa, armchairs and bed cozier and even give more personality to the environment.

They are a great option for those who want to change the decor with practicality. In this way, in different styles and colors, patchwork pillows bring a creative and original proposal to the decor. The patterns that we brought have more childlike characteristics and look beautiful in the little ones’ room.

You can use colors that are already present in the decoration of the room in details on the pillow. Whether in the castle itself, on the sail or even make a border on the pillow. One of the most interesting aspects of crafting a patchwork pillow is that each one is different from the other. The use of scraps of different fabrics and sizes makes each piece unique and special, leaving the pillows personalized and full of style.

Castle Pillow

Pillows Patterns

Patterns have different sizes. The finished castle pillow measures 20 ½” x 20 ½” and the sail pillow measures 12 ½” square. They may seem difficult, but you will see that the shapes used to assemble the pattern are simple to cut. You will only need rectangles, squares and triangles. The quantity of each and the measurements are described in the pattern.

As the pillow already brings a lot of information in its colors and prints, they are ideal to give personality to neutral upholstery. Bet on a rustic decor, with a sofa in wood or natural fiber and give your personalized touch with a patchwork pillow. On the Fat Quarter Shop website you can find the castle pattern and the sail away pattern. Both available for free. Gather the materials and get to work!

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