Circle Quilt – A Beautiful Pattern

If you want to decorate your environment in an original and personalized way, you should bet on making a beautiful circle quilt. This model is versatile, sustainable and unique. It has as identity the reuse of fabrics, knits and even denim pieces that would otherwise be discarded. In this post, we will teach you know how to do the circle quilt.

As for colors, do it according to the environment and your creativity. If it’s for a more discreet environment, you can bring all the attention to the piece using bolder colors and textures. Bet on vibrant colors, which can be all patches of the same color in different shades, or all colored.

If you want to keep the description of the environment and just add this piece, whether on the sofa, in the corner of the bed, choose more discreet color tones, which are already present in the environment. We are sure that in any of the options you will be able to express and explore your creativity and everyone will love it. And why not take advantage of it and give it to a dear friend or do it to sell? Success will be guaranteed, believe me.

Circle Quilt

As in other works, our team indicates that before starting you have all the necessary material separated so as not to interrupt the process. Read the pattern and cut out the necessary patterns as well. Don’t forget that the time dedicated to making the craft should be beneficial. Enjoy this moment, for me it works as a therapy, and when you see the piece ready, the only feeling is proud.

Circle Quilt – How To Do It

Here go some quilt details:

Started on 12/2/10

Finished on 4/15/12

Quilt measures – 52″ across

To create this quilt with ease, you can use a 10° wedge ruler 22½” long. It allows you to cut long wedges accurately from 10° wide.

Pattern / Image / Tutorial available in JayBird Quilt.

Circle Quilt Assembly

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