Block Patterns - You will be interested to read 2

Star Quilt Block

Star Quilt Block is a beautiful block model that has a very beautiful and stylish effect. Any work done with this beautiful block will give a special touch to decor and sophistication too, believe me. The delicacy of this work can compose several pieces such as quilts, bags and much more, the block of infinite […]

Ruby Reds Quilt Throw

Ruby Reds Quilt Throw a wonderful and different job that should be done calmly and that has a very stylish and modern result. In the decoration of the room this quilt can leave the atmosphere cheerful and romantic, as well as very delicate and cheerful. It is worth making pieces of this type that make […]

Weathervane Quilt Block

Weathervane Quilt Block, very beautiful and that can be used in several types of quilts and accessories if you want. This type of work has attracted attention and in the most diverse types of drawings it has been very successful today in many places. This is a block that can be made easily and that […]